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As the flagship conference of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, ICRA will bring together the world’s top researchers and most important companies to share ideas and advances in our field. Many of the most important developments in robotics and automation have historically been first exposed at ICRA, and 2019 will take this trend one step further. As the practical and socio-economic impact of our field continues to expand, the role of industry-centered activities has grown and will be a critical aspect of the meeting.

Good reasons to partner with ICRA 2019

Meet the leading Robotics Researchers

We expect more than 3,000 roboticists from all over the world to gather in Montreal to share, connect and discuss the latest research findings and advances in robotics and automation.

New Trends. New Technologies.

You want to learn about the latest scientific achievements and find out how they can affect your business and your next generation of products.

The Next Generation

We expect over 30% of the audience to be students. Check out their work and identify potential new hires for your organization especially through our Talent Recruitment program!

We are giving you face time

  1. Submit a proposal for a presentation.
  2. Buy a sponsored session.
  3. Participate in the evening networking events.
  4. Exhibit.
  5. Participate in the talent recruitment program.

Expected delegate demographics

Expected delegate demographics (pie chart)
Expected delegate demographics (legend)

A look at where our participants are coming from